Construction Tape

The craft double sided tape

Craft double-sided tape is clear, double-sided tape used for arts and crafts. Craft double-sided tape is removable if necessary. It has a smooth side, which adheres to adhere to the first layer, and a rough side made to attach to the second layer. If you were to use regular two-sided scotch tape, it would be very difficult to remove without damaging your paper or project.

Craft double-sided tape is available at any craft store.

Craft double-sided tape should be used with the rough side up so that it can stick to other pieces of paper/projects later on. It should be placed near the edge of your paper, but not too close or you risk ripping out your printer ink while removing it.

To use craft double-sided tape, simply go to print and click custom sizing. If you have a printer that does not accept width and height options, then the size of your paper should be 12 by 18 inches or just under it.

Then peel back the liner of the craft double-sided tape and place it where you would like it on your project.

You must have your printer set to print borderless because otherwise, the craft double-sided tape might not accurately adhere to your paper.

Then simply hit print and watch as the printer creates art for you on its own! Once done printing, peel off the rough side of your craft double-sided tape and place it on your paper as intended.

Because craft double-sided tape is removable, it can be reused/repositioned as many times as you like.

With craft double-sided tape you can attach two different materials simply and easily.

The tape consists of a pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides. The packaging provides a cutting grid for easy measuring and cutting, which makes the installation very simple. It has excellent adhesion to paper, cardboard, foils, and other surfaces. Because it is applied only at the edge of the foils, it does not get scratched and polluted.

It can be used in all areas where the double-sided tape is needed: Office, school, workshop, leisure, etc. Wherever you need to fix two different materials together simply and easily. The craft double-sided tape is used for craft purposes, decoration, and gift wrapping. There are various ways to use this type of tape, examples are:

1) Attach materials on walls or furniture by attaching two different materials simply and easily.

2) Decorate children’s drawings, pictures, etc.

3) Covering furnishing fabrics.

4) For a simple and easy way to fix sheets of paper together.

5) Gift wrapping by attaching two different materials, for example, presents and wrapping paper, tags, and ribbon, etc. In our online shop for craft & DIY, you can find various types of tape from different brands such as 3M, Tesa, Henzo, and Bostik.

In conclusion, double-sided tape is an ideal solution for attaching fabric to a craft project.

I’m currently in the process of making some felted wool coasters, and I couldn’t find my favorite adhesive in my home. Since I wanted to finish these coasters tonight (and not wait for another trip to the craft store), I needed an alternative method of attaching the fabric to the core of my coasters. That’s when I remembered another alternative adhesive, craft double-sided tape.