Air Conditioning

Importance of Air Conditioning Services

Summer air conditioning service is essential for air conditioners. We all know why an air conditioning unit is installed at our home and office: to make us feel comfortable in a hot and humid environment. During summer, you need air conditioning services because you want your aircon unit to serve you longer and well-maintained.

Here are the reasons why you should always call aircon servicing companies when it’s summer:

1.) Clean the indoor and outdoor units that dirt could damage its components which will cause breakdowns or trouble in cooling functions. It has been known that there are bacteria, fungi, mold, pollen, dust mites, and others living around your AC compressor fan blades and motor, even if they’re hidden in aircon grills.

2.) Check for air leaks, check air filter, clean or replace aircon ducts if necessary. This will help you save more on your electric bill. Suppose the air filter is not working well. In that case, it can’t stop dust particles from entering your air conditioner components, leading to frequent repairs for blocked cooling fins of the compressor motor, engine coils, and dirty/blocked evaporator inside the airconditioning unit cabinet.

3.) Keep it adequately lubricated. Proper lubrication prevents the parts of the air conditioning unit from wearing out early by allowing smooth movements of its components, including A/C compressor fan blades that cause more wear and tear when they rub against each other due to lack of oil on the blade bearings that’s why aircon servicing companies like Affordable Aircon recommend lubrication for air conditioners at least once a year, before summer.

4.) Test air conditioning capacitor. It is essential to test air conditioning capacitors during airconditioning unit repair and maintenance services because they can supply the high voltage needed for motor start and run by keeping stored energy in an electrical field, which allows the air conditioning motor to start functioning well. Overloading the system due to defective aircon capacitor could result in overheating, causing fire hazards, so always call aircon service providers if you think your air conditioning compressor needs replacement of capacitors or other parts such as condenser fan motors.

5.) Check belts. When aircon repair and maintenance companies check air conditioning units in your home or office, replacing broken belts can be done during air conditioner servicing.

Reliable air conditioning companies should do proper airconditioning servicing and aircon repair and maintenance services to increase the air conditioner life span while providing you with a comfortable air conditioning environment.

It is also worth noting that aircon breakdowns are more common during summertime when air conditioners work overtime trying to cool down buildings and rooms, resulting in overworked and overheated compressors and evaporators. Therefore, it makes sense there will be a higher chance of aircon air conditioning units breakdowns.

Several air con air conditioning systems manufacturers released air conditioners models that come with aircon air conditioning remote monitoring systems which can help you keep an eye on your air conditioning system to avoid future breakdowns and unexpected costs. Also, most of the high-quality air conditioning units nowadays feature automatic mode settings or auto-swing functions that allow users to regulate room temperature without manual adjustments. This means if you are too lazy or busy for this simple task but still want to enjoy a relaxed environment indoors, turn on your air conditioner by using a particular app and set a timer, so it will do everything itself.