Electric Motorbikes

Facts You Need To Know Before Owning an Electric Motorcycle

Are you discontented by the noise motorcycles produce? Have you ever thought of time you can save by not visiting filling stations?

If you’re a bike fanatic and environmentalist persistently troubled by the carbon foot-prints vehicles leave on the environs, then an electric motorcycle is something that should catch your eye. Electric motorcycles are powered by electricity rather than fuel, and that’s why they are highly recommended for taming air pollution. The electricity is drawn from the battery, which is rechargeable from time to time-saving on energy bills. Nowadays, notable bike manufacturers have remoulded e-motorcycles to match the capacities of fuel bikes. Unlike in the past, when electric bikes were rarely used as a means of transport, nowadays, they are faring well in this industry.

With that in mind, let’s outline the facts you need to know before subscribing to an e-motorcycle.


The e-motorcycles are powered by electricity stored in a battery. These bikes don’t require combustion engines to operate, and that’s why they are noise-free. Fuel motorcycles feature combustion engines which transmit noise whenever the exhaust roars. Electric motorcycles are completely noise-free, and the only thing you can hear while riding the bike is music in your head.


The newer models of e-motorcycles are adequately incorporated with promising features like instant acceleration and incredible break-horse-power. Such features are not only intended for regulating speed but also racing your bike similar to the fuel counterparts.


Absence of gears in electric motorcycles, allows riders to enjoy rides without bothering about gears. Onwards, you will say goodbye to the hassle of shifting gear during congestion, signals and when riding in crowded places.


Absence of combustion engines exempts electric motorbike riders from a plethora of expenses like replacing the clutch, spark plugs, time belts, engine oil and so on. Also, the owners will be exempted from frequent monitoring of clutch fluid, tweaking valve clearance, lubricating choke cables, etc. With a fuel motorcycle, all these things have to be checked or done, and on top, every task has its own cost.


As side earlier e-motorcycles are powered by electricity drawn from storage batteries. So, if you use your bike daily, you can charge your battery overnight as it approximately takes 5-8 hours to charge from flat to full. The hassle of visiting filling stations which are at times crowded will be a thing of the past, and this will, in turn, help you to save on time.


No doubt, the market price of the electric motorcycle if fairly expensive than that of fuel bikes. However, this is expected, but with the surging popularity of these books, the costs will come down going forward. Furthermore, many countries worldwide are excluding these bikes on VAT, tolls and also rendering subsidies on their purchase. This is a way of encouraging more people to ditch fuel bikes and subscribe to electric ones which mean good for the environment.

Electric motorcycles are viewed as a viable option for major problems like global warming and unclean air due to pollution. A good number of bike makers are now indulged in the making of e-motorcycles which will ease the pressure on demand and possibly cut-down the current prices of these bikes, which is a bit costly. This will make it possible for e-motorcycle enthusiasts to realize their dream of owning and riding their favourite bikes.