Vitalsense: A New Digital Age

We all have witnessed the outbursts of non- curable disease Corona. We are living in a global pandemic where you can’t neglect safety measures. And, if you’re ignoring your safety, then you’re gambling with your life. Thankfully we are living in a digital age where we can face this global concern with grace. At least we are not helpless; technology is there to help us. You must not have heard the word vitalsense, but it was used by a health practitioner for quite a while. Actually, the vitalsense helps to measure the thermal strain.

But here in this article, we are going to discuss the product equivital based on vitalsense.


Equivital is the product developed by a group of professionals keeping the security of each individual in mind. The purpose of the product is to provide safety and security. They have multiple wearable products which have the aim to monitor the health of human beings. It is the best human monitoring health device, observing human beings from all across the globe.

The approach of the manufacturer is simple and it really helps health practitioners to look after the patient’s health status.


As we said earlier, the device based on vitalsense offers various products, and below we are going to discuss every product one by one.

* Orann – Orann is basically a great help for medical and pharmaceuticals companies. Actually it provides equivalent solutions based on their research which can save time. The device offers real-time human data, using which one can develop the product to meet the requirements in general.
* eqWave Social Distancing – This device is actually a big relief for most of the corporate officials. The reason is it maintains the criteria of social distancing. This pandemic has created a challenge where humans are afraid of another human and in such conditions, maintaining social distancing is crucial. Eqwave is offering us the same, it provides employees and organisations an environment where they can follow all the guidelines of social distancing using this product.
* Black Ghost – Black ghost is a device for those who are working in extreme environmental conditions or whose job involves risks like the first responder, industrial workers, etc. It provides real-time health, location, and safety alerts from individuals who wear it. You can also generate the report after the monitoring session in case you’re facing any difficulty. A must device for all those who risk their life on a daily basis.
* TnR: Training and Research – As the name suggests, it keeps an eye on the performance of the human body and then generates a world-class detailed report about your body functionality.


The good thing about Equivital’s product is it can be used by anyone. Most of the army officials, sports personalities, first responders, etc are using this device. And the thing which is loved by almost everyone that it provides real-time health stats even in extreme environmental conditions.


That’s it! Here we tried to cover the importance of vitalsense in this global pandemic and Equivital is actually a savior for all of us in such a tough condition. So, you can definitely give its product a try which we know you’ll surely find helpful.

Until then stay happy but most importantly healthy and let us know if you have any queries regarding the same.