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Surrey loft review and features

Surrey loft is a contemporary furniture with a very clean, modern and minimalistic design. It is a highly versatile space that can be used as a seating area, work area or even bed. The stylish desk doubles as an extra sleeping space for visitors. Surrey loft is available in black and natural tones but the latter will require you to take off the clear plastic film on the front of the furniture before use and is not fire retardant.

Surrey loft review and features

  1. Design styles

This is a contemporary styled loft bed. It has an equally contemporary designed desk with it that can double as a place to sleep. Its design is simple and minimalistic. Its black color matches with its minimalist nature. This loft bed is made of high-quality materials and can withstand quite a lot of weight, including the weight of two people.

  1. Materials used

The materials used in making the Surrey loft include metal, ABS plastic, MDF board, steel tubes and plywood. The design is simple but durable even for long term use because it was built to last for years to come.

  1. Size

The loft bed is quite small in size. It has a dimension of length 210 cm and a width of 170 cm. The desk portion is quite small as well. The desk portion can only be used for storing your stuff as the opening for the drawer is not big enough to store more than your pencils and other school supplies. But if you are using the bed as sleeping quarters, you will have more space on your body to do other things besides sleeping and studying during the night like reading or playing videos games.

  1. Company information

The Surrey loft made by Hayneedle is an online furniture store where you can purchase your furniture online in the comfort of your homes. They offer a one year warranty and free delivery and installation throughout the country.

  1. Price range

Surrey loft will cost Php 6,599.00 on the site and Php 6,499 in their actual showroom at the Villamor outlet mall, Alabang. The site price is slightly cheaper than it’s actual price because of their free shipping and free installation policy, but the actual price of this product is still competitive compared to other contemporary beds that are available in nearby malls such as Gaisano Mall or SM Aura Premier.

  1. Posture

The posture of this bed is quite good and can support maximum weight. It is very comfortable to sleep on during the night and it should be one of the best sleeping options if you already have a loft in your house and you are thinking of upgrading to this one. You will enjoy reading, watching videos and playing computer games on this bed because its sturdy design makes it very safe and sturdy; you will not feel anything shaking while sleeping on it. [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]

  1. Black/natural colors?

There are two colors available for this loft bed: black and natural tone (brown). If you will be getting this product, it is best to go with the natural tone. The black color is nice and attractive but its clear plastic film will make it a little uncomfortable for you to use the bed as a seating area because of the plastic film’s oily qualities. It can makes things on top of it stick and hard to remove from the matress. The natural tone does not have this problem and is more comfortable than it’s black alternative.